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A couple of days ago, Coveteur published a brand new editorial featuring Malina on their website! The stunning photos were taken by Alec Kugler in New York City and along with the photos there is also a fun interview in which Malina talks all about ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. She also reveals that her dream day involves pizza for breakfast! You can view the photos in our gallery by clicking on the thumbnail below and read an except from the interview below.

A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Malina Weissman is 15
– and dresses better than you

“It was kind of a chill birthday,” Malina Weissman tells me as we sit cross-legged on small metal stools in the middle of Supermoon Bakehouse. The actress, who plays Violet Baudelaire on Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, just turned 15, and as I awkwardly ask her how she celebrated—while trying to sound cool to this supercool teen—her answer proves she is more mature than her years. “I was in Vancouver filming season three,” she says, noting that she also got a lot of “cute clothes.” “I was working all day.”

Of course, if you’ve ever watched even *part* of an episode, then you’ll know that means the young actress’ birthday was likely really, really fun. She was doing what she loves: acting out all the crazy adventures her character goes on, while working alongside Neil Patrick Harris and, starting this season, Allison Williams. I feel a bit jealous, to be honest, and all the more curious to learn about what goes on on set, if this is what Weissman wants to do forever, and how she picked out the eclectic outfit she wore to our shoot.

So Malina gets right into it, telling me a bit about herself and the show’s second batch of episodes, which are streaming as we speak. Still a bit unsure if this show is too juvenile for you? The young actress sums it up to me perfectly: “There are so many jokes that adults might get that kids might not, and there are jokes that kids will laugh at and adults will be like, ‘What?’ It’s for everyone!”

Source: Coveteur.com

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