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Malina recently sat down with Elite Daily to discuss season two of “A Series of Unfortunate Events“! Along with the interview, they also published some fun new photos shot by Emily Assiran. I absolutely love her hairstyle in these and it suits her so well! As always, I have added the new photos to our gallery. You can read an excerpt from the interview below and read the full article on their website.

‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ Star Malina Weissman Dishes On Season 2’s Ending – EXCLUSIVE

Despite warnings to “look away, look away,” fans of Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events series dropped everything on March 30 to binge Season 2. The second season, which chronicles Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events books five through nine, is just as deliciously miserable as the first. Neil Patrick Harris continues his role as the evil Count Olaf, while the three Baudelaire orphans — Violet, Klaus, and Sunny — are plopped at the decrepit Prufrock Preparatory School. The Baudelaire children continue to weave through dark and twisted obstacles while maintaining a level of grace and inventiveness that only a trio of orphans being tormented by demonic Count could have. Elite Daily had the chance to sit down with Malina Weissman, who plays Violet Baudelaire in A Series Of Unfortunate Events, to discuss the every tragic detail of Season 2.

Speaking on some of the major differences between Season 1 and Season 2 as it pertains to her character, the 15-year-old star says, “I think Season 2 is so much more empowering for the Baudelaires… because in the first season, we kind of let the adults talk. We asked ‘What should we do next?’ to the adults and now we kind of realize that if we don’t do anything, we’re not going to get anywhere. So, Season 2 is way more proactive for the Baudelaires. They’re trying to get somewhere, they’re trying to figure out what happens with their parents, they’re trying to save their sister, so much more is happening and they’re trying so many new things they didn’t try in Season 1.”

Source: Elitedaily.com

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