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On friday Malina attended Step Up’s 14th Annual Inspiration Awards, which is a red carpet luncheon and reception benefiting Step Up‘s charitable programs! As you may know Malina is very dedicated when it comes to women’s rights and since Step Up helps all girls to fulfill their potential, she was honored to be able to support the organization and their beliefs. If you would like to learn more, be sure to visit Step Up’s website! I have added the images from the event to the gallery for you to view.

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Recently, Malina spent a day wandering around in New York City with NYLON. Malina took them to her favorite pizza place in town as well as an antique toy shop. It’s super fun to watch, check it out below!

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Netflix has been uploading some great behind the scenes featurettes for season 2 of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events‘ on their Youtube channel! Below you can watch one of those, in which Malina looks back at some of the costumes worn by the characters in season 2, noting the ones are totally in and those which are out! Enjoy!

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A couple of days ago, Coveteur published a brand new editorial featuring Malina on their website! The stunning photos were taken by Alec Kugler in New York City and along with the photos there is also a fun interview in which Malina talks all about ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. She also reveals that her dream day involves pizza for breakfast! You can view the photos in our gallery by clicking on the thumbnail below and read an except from the interview below.

A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Malina Weissman is 15
– and dresses better than you

“It was kind of a chill birthday,” Malina Weissman tells me as we sit cross-legged on small metal stools in the middle of Supermoon Bakehouse. The actress, who plays Violet Baudelaire on Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, just turned 15, and as I awkwardly ask her how she celebrated—while trying to sound cool to this supercool teen—her answer proves she is more mature than her years. “I was in Vancouver filming season three,” she says, noting that she also got a lot of “cute clothes.” “I was working all day.”

Of course, if you’ve ever watched even *part* of an episode, then you’ll know that means the young actress’ birthday was likely really, really fun. She was doing what she loves: acting out all the crazy adventures her character goes on, while working alongside Neil Patrick Harris and, starting this season, Allison Williams. I feel a bit jealous, to be honest, and all the more curious to learn about what goes on on set, if this is what Weissman wants to do forever, and how she picked out the eclectic outfit she wore to our shoot.

So Malina gets right into it, telling me a bit about herself and the show’s second batch of episodes, which are streaming as we speak. Still a bit unsure if this show is too juvenile for you? The young actress sums it up to me perfectly: “There are so many jokes that adults might get that kids might not, and there are jokes that kids will laugh at and adults will be like, ‘What?’ It’s for everyone!”

Source: Coveteur.com

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I recently noticed that most of the screencaptures from the first season of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” have been missing in our gallery. I never finished uploading them for some reason but I have gotten around to it a couple of days ago! I will also be uploading screencaptures from season 2 shortly. Enjoy!

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Malina recently sat down with Elite Daily to discuss season two of “A Series of Unfortunate Events“! Along with the interview, they also published some fun new photos shot by Emily Assiran. I absolutely love her hairstyle in these and it suits her so well! As always, I have added the new photos to our gallery. You can read an excerpt from the interview below and read the full article on their website.

‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ Star Malina Weissman Dishes On Season 2’s Ending – EXCLUSIVE

Despite warnings to “look away, look away,” fans of Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events series dropped everything on March 30 to binge Season 2. The second season, which chronicles Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events books five through nine, is just as deliciously miserable as the first. Neil Patrick Harris continues his role as the evil Count Olaf, while the three Baudelaire orphans — Violet, Klaus, and Sunny — are plopped at the decrepit Prufrock Preparatory School. The Baudelaire children continue to weave through dark and twisted obstacles while maintaining a level of grace and inventiveness that only a trio of orphans being tormented by demonic Count could have. Elite Daily had the chance to sit down with Malina Weissman, who plays Violet Baudelaire in A Series Of Unfortunate Events, to discuss the every tragic detail of Season 2.

Speaking on some of the major differences between Season 1 and Season 2 as it pertains to her character, the 15-year-old star says, “I think Season 2 is so much more empowering for the Baudelaires… because in the first season, we kind of let the adults talk. We asked ‘What should we do next?’ to the adults and now we kind of realize that if we don’t do anything, we’re not going to get anywhere. So, Season 2 is way more proactive for the Baudelaires. They’re trying to get somewhere, they’re trying to figure out what happens with their parents, they’re trying to save their sister, so much more is happening and they’re trying so many new things they didn’t try in Season 1.”

Source: Elitedaily.com

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Malina recently shot a stunning editorial for PLEASE! Magazine, which I’m more than excited to share with you today! Since Malina is a natural in front of the camera, the images from the editorial turned out absolutely beautiful. In addition to the images, they also posted a short article including a fun interview on their website. You can read an excerpt below:

Meet Malina Weissman, a very cool teen girl

Growing up in New York City as a daughter of a model, Malina Weissman always wanted to dip her toes into acting. As a rising star herself, she is poised to take on Hollywood. Her résumé reads like one of an actress twice her age. In 2016, she appeared in Nine Lives and in 2014 she played a young version of Megan Fox in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And now, at the age of 15, Malina Weissman is playing a dream role : Violet Baudelaire, in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events based off of Lemony Snicket’s cult-classic novel series.

And for Please!, the stylist Rachel Gilman had a little interview by text with her:

What did you enjoy most about the photo shoot with Matthew and Rachel?
The shoot with Matthew and Rachel was so fun, I loved the combination of great styling and photography.

Some people are terrified of clowns, what creeps you out the most?
Don’t laugh, but I have banana-phobia… Yes, it’s a real thing !

Favorite shopping spots in NYC:
I like to go to Brooklyn to find cool vintage shops.

Favorite pair item in your closet?
I could never leave the house without a mini backpack. Even if its empty, I always bring it with me just in case.

Source: Pleasemagazine.com

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Can you believe it? Season 2 of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is finally here! Last thursday, Malina and her co-star Louis Hynes spent their entire day promoting the new season and started off by visiting BUILD Series in New York City. Before and during the interview the two of them were photographed posing and having fun. You have view the photos in our image gallery!

In addition, you can also watch the actual interview. In the nearly 30 minute long interview, the two talk all about what filming was like and how they keep up with their schoolwork. Luckily for us, they uploaded the entire interview for us to view on Youtube.

Later that day, the official premiere for season 2 took place. Malina changed into a stunning dress for the event and looked absolutely amazing on the red carpet! Everyone looked like they were having a blast posing on the red carpet and celebrating all night. Be sure to check out photos from the fun premiere in our gallery.

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It’s been a while since I last updated the site, as I have been busy with school, but now I’m back to share news on Malina and her projects! On January 1st, Netflix announced that the second season of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” will premiere on March 30th! They also released a first teaser, which includes a variety of clips from the new episodes. The second season will add 10 episodes to the series and focuses on adapting books five through nine of the novels: “The Austere Academy”, “The Ersatz Elevator”, “The Vile Village,” “The Hostile Hospital” and “The Carnivorous Carnival.” Be sure to check out the teaser below!

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As some of you may already know, Malina has her own social media accounts! She regularly shares photos on her Instagram, be sure to follow her @MalinaWeissman if you aren’t following her yet. I have added ALL photos she has shared so far to the gallery. Also be sure to check out Malina’s other social media accounts by clicking here.

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