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As some of you may already know, Malina has her own social media accounts! She regularly shares photos on her Instagram, be sure to follow her @MalinaWeissman if you aren’t following her yet. I have added ALL photos she has shared so far to the gallery. Also be sure to check out Malina’s other social media accounts by clicking here.

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Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to Magnificent Malina, your brand new fansite for talented young actress and model Malina Weissman! I have been working on the site since April and I’m super excited to finally share it with fellow fans. The stunning layout was made by Yukiko, so a huge thank you goes out to her.

Malina is best known for her role as Violet Baudelaire in the tv series “A Series of Unfortunate Events” produced by Netflix. If you are interested in learning more about Malina, read her biography and see her resume for more acting and modeling credits. We also have an image gallery, where you can view images of Malina’s past and current projects. Be sure to check back regularly for future updates on Malina and her career!